Fifi Litter White Bundle Unscented Cat Litter

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Fifi Litter

FifiLitter White Bundle of 3

  • $32.00


  • Premium Multi-Cat Formula Cat Litter 

  • Made from 100% Natural Unscented Bentonite Clay 

  • Activated Carbon for the Odour Control

  •  Ultimate Clumping make it Easy Scooping and Clean Up

  • Hypo-Allergenic Natural Litter

  • Biodegradable, 100 % Safe and Non- Toxic 

  • 99.9% Free from Dust 

  • Heavy Non-Tracking Granules 

  • High Moisture Absorption for Better Saving


Bentonite with Activated Carbon 


10L (7kg) / Bag


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Step 1.

Place about 3-4 inches depth of FifiLitter in the Litter Box

This Depth allows your cats to dig and cover their wastes naturally.

Step 2.

FifiLitter will clumps instantly when in contact with your cat's waste. 

Scoop up waste clumps and dispose of them daily.

Step 3.

Add FifiLitter as needed to maintain 3-4 inches depth in the Litter Box.

It is advisable to empty and clean the entire litter box monthly or when the colour of the Litter had darkened.

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