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Where To Put The Cat Litter Box In Your Home
Apr 25, 2022

When you ask people “what is your favourite room in your home?”, most of us will answer with a room that we feel the most comfortable in.  Comfort rooms usually have a relaxing and serene atmosphere that we retreat to as a safe haven for some. And our fur babies are no exception.  Your cat’s litter box has to be in a place where your cat can go about its business as it pleases.  Placing it is not a problem when you have a spacious household. But what if you have limited space at home and dedicating an exclusive space for your cat is not entirely possible? Here are some things to remember wh..

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Training Your Kitten To Use The Litter Box
Mar 28, 2022

Bringing a new cat home means a lengthy adjustment period where owners must be prepared to help him/her get used to their new surroundings. It is crucial to observe your cat as it establishes new routines and habits to ensure your pet is settling well.  One crucial habit every house cat needs to master is litter training. Cats are relatively tidy animals and one of their instincts is to bury their waste in dirt or sand. And as homeowners, you definitely want a designed area for your cat to bury its waste for easy cleanup.  Litter training takes time, training and patience, but the results ar..

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The Meaning Of Cat Behaviours
Feb 17, 2022

As fur parents, we want to know our pet better so that we know when it exhibits normal behavior and when it needs help. What are some cat behaviours that can be considered normal and what are behaviors that need your attention?  Here are some feline behaviors that you need to look out for and what these behaviours mean. ESTRUS When your cat looks restless, rolls around, rubs itself against anything and suddenly becomes too affectionate, it may mean that your cat is in heat or estrus. Although this signals that your cat is ready to mate and reproduce, it is also a challenging and distr..

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